Dance With Me – How It Works!

Do you ever feel that you need to let go and be free? Without judgment? Dance is an uplifting and empowering medium that stretches through time and space to let you discover new aspects of yourself and feel ecstatic.

First, you can contact me for a free consultation on WhatsApp voice or video, and we will talk about your desires – whether that be free-flow connection or technical moves and learning about rhythm and music. We can choose music together or you can leave it to me.

Next, we set a date to have a live dance session together on Skype/Zoom — or if you’re particularly busy, then I can create a pre-made video for you!

Payments are made by a small deposit beforehand, and the rest is paid after the class. The price varies on the length of time you need and also the type of teaching.

You may also donate!

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